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A pause...

Today was one of those days.. I woke up to a very sad and shocking news. Irfan khan died at the age of 54. It disturbed me. The fact that he left this young. He was an ace actor and shone with his simple demeanor on screen with those bold eyes and rustic dialogue deliveries.

Fast forward to my evening. After finishing a good round of my own practice, I sat on a chair in my backyard, with a book that just got delivered today. A scene in that talked about death… and the thoughts about Irfan khan triggered my mind again and I instantly looked up at the sky for some relief. The blue sky soothed my mind, the wind caressed my forehead as a mother’s touch would and the trees swayed to the dance of these winds. This little bird with an orange neck, that visits us every evening, came again and perched at the top of the tree, looking aimlessly at a distance…

I pondered over that inevitable question, that surely passes our minds in these times. ‘What is the point of all this if we are just going to die someday?’

My husband walked in at that very moment as though he heard my loud muffled cry. I told him about the series of events that went through my mind and asked him the same question.

He said , what’s the point of a drop of water you may ask. It comes down in the form of rain and evaporates when the air is too hot. What’s the point if it has to go back to the sky anyway? But look at what it does during its simple lifecycle. It gushes as a river, giving life to plants, fishes, animals and birds.. leaves when its work is done.. and comes back as rain…makes it all worthwhile for all of us.

For which, I said, if water doesn’t think of the “I”ness while doing its job why do we (me). I should be insignificant in the bigger scheme of things, shouldn't I ? Yes, ‘I’ may be insignificant but my contribution, will not be.

To understand this subtle difference and to be able to live it, is my answer to ‘what’s the point of all this?’. I hope Irfan Khan would agree

Onto watching ’Namesake’…

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