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Time, space and my complex mind

Updated: May 15, 2020

What do time and space mean to me? Where do I direct my thoughts and focus to when I’m told think about time and space.

Is the time and space like where I am physically present RIGHT NOW? Does that mean I react to something exactly how I feel in regards to this time and space, more specifically, to a composition written hundreds of years ago in its own time and space?

How do I get both these things to co-relate? In what kind of mental space do I need to be in to put myself in that multidimensional world where the composition and me coexist? Where the actual time and space cease to exist.

Is that where my direction of thoughts need to be? Be so submissive and aware of the space around me and realize the moment(time) it affects me I move in a certain way around that space.

All these questions and no certain answer other than practicing it and trying to make sense of this in dance. Maybe that’s the answer…

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