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Margam | October 2022 | Photo by: Kyle Anderson


February 2023 | Kali | RAW Safehouse | A Work-in-Progress

October 2022 | Margam | Joe Goode Annex | My first full-length solo work as a Bharatanatyam dancer in the San Francisco Bay Area, the land of the Ramaytush Ohlone people. This performance is an homage to both my early training and the continued process of revealing the multiple layers that inhabit Bharatanatyam, an art form that is my second skin.

TBA 2024 | Dancing My Kali | More Coming Soon.

Dui Pakhi Tour | 2019 | Photo by: Sejas Mistry 


2023 | Paufve Dance WIP Showing Intersection for the Arts Space Activation Artist-in-Residence Program |

This work in progress examines relationships between women, with a focus on sisters and sisterly bonds. Choreography by Randee Paufve in collaboration with dancers: Shruti Abhishek, Molly Levy, Madison McGain, Juliana Monin, Randee Paufve, Elizabeth Zepeda.

2019 Dui Pakhi Tour | Performed at The Nehru Centre, Berlin; London Indian Embassy; Berlin Indian Film Festival, Stuttgart Inspired by Rabindrantah Tagore’s poem, “Dui Pakhi," the choreography investigates the capacity of Bharatanatyam to oscillate between imagery and the abstract.

2019 | Passage | As part of the Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange (CHIME) through Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Nadhi Thekke created a duo with Randee Paufve and Shruti Abhishek.

DANCE GROUP MAIN - Broken Seeds111_NitishAdla.jpg

Broken Seeds Still Grow | Photo by: Amitava Sarkar 


Performance with Nava Dance Theatre (2017-Current)

December 2022 | Rogue Gestures/Foreign Bodies | Produced by Nava Dance Theatre, Choreographed by Nadhi Thekkek | ODC Theater


August 2022 | Migrations at IDIA, | Produced by Nava Dance Theatre Choreographed by Nadhi Thekkek | India    

July 2022 | Yerba Buena Gardens Choreofest | Produced by Nava Dance Theatre, Choreographed by Nadhi Thekkek


2017-2022 | Broken Seeds Still Grow | Produced by Nava Dance Theatre, Choreographed and Directed by Nadhi Thekkek & Rupy C. Tut | ODC: SF, Flight Deck: Oakland, Bankhead Summer Series

Performance with Sankhya Dance Company (2013-2019)

2019 | Seasons | Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai, Dance for Dance Festival: Chennai.

2013-2019 | Shiva | Modhera: Gujarat, Konark Festival, Kala Ghoda Festival: Mumbai, and many more.

2015-2016 | Namaa Mhane | Kartik Fine Arts, Chennai, Mumbai, and many more.

2014-2015 | Trayyanta Tour | NCPA: Mumbai, Calcutta School Of Music: Kolkata, Indian Habitat Centre: Delhi, Pravaha Festival, Pune, and many more venues across India.

2014-2015 | Festival Indii Tour | Poland (toured for 100 shows around the Baltic Sea venues.)


Rajavastra | 2018 | Photo by Pratibimb foto


2020 | A Virtual Collaboration Inspired by Black Lives Matter | Commissioned by Nava Dance Theatre

2019 | Rajavastra | Co-choreographed with Nadhi Thekkek | Commissioned by the Oakland Ballet.

2019 | Dui Pakhi | Collaborated with Deepika Panchamukhi for their Europe tour

2018 | "The Affair" | Choreography: Sri Thina Subramaniam, Assistant Choreographer: Shruti Abhishek for SAFEhouse Arts and When Eyes Speak Festival


Margam | October 2022 | Photo by: Kyle Anderson


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All Videos
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Rogue Gestures | Passage | Shruti and Randee
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Rogue Gestures | Passage | Shruti and Randee

Kali WIP Safehouse
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Kali WIP Safehouse

Margam: JoeGoode : 2022
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Margam: JoeGoode : 2022

Tillana- Revati
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Tillana- Revati

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