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Upcoming Events

Kshetram School Of Dance: Fall showing

Nov 11th @ 5 pm.
The Village Theatre & Art Gallery, Danville.

Details coming soon...

Paufve Dance WIP Showing 

June 10th @ 5 pm

Register here

As part of the Intersection for the Arts Space Activation Artist-in-Residence Program, Paufve Dance will show new works in progress examining relationships between women, with a focus on sisters and sisterly bonds.

Choreography by Randee Paufve in collaboration with dancers: Shruti Abhishek, Molly Levy, Madison McGain, Juliana Monin, Randee Paufve, Elizabeth Zepeda

Photo: Sloane Larsen, Dancers: Molly Levy and Madison McGain

The ArtEchoes Series 

May 21st @ 5 pm

Register here

The ArtEchoes Series is an initiative by Shruti Abhishek and the Kshetram School of Dance that aims to inspire and educate kids through live performances. The series provides a unique opportunity for young audiences to learn, be inspired, and engage with the artists in candid conversations about their practice. By attending these performances, kids can expand their horizons, gain a deeper appreciation of the arts, and develop their own creativity.

Join us and be a part of this exciting journey!


Our first Guest Artist is Vedya Spurthi Konda.

Kshetram dance (4).png
When Eyes Speak South Asian Choreography Fest 2023: "Ghadar" in the Mission

May 12-13-14

Ticket Link

When Eyes Speak presents a historic collaboration between Duniya Dance & Drum, Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour.

WES 2023 (1).jpg
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