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Let's Keep Moving!

Dear Kshetram Parents,


I hope you all are looking forward to the holiday season. It has been over a week since our fall concert and looking back, I feel really proud of how well the kids danced. 


The past few months were intense, it is impressive how easily the kids grasped & followed instructions. Dancing to live music is no joke and they all were exceptional, Having those extra rehearsals helped a lot. Also, Thank you to all the parents who helped backstage & with the decor, it was all so smooth. It is that time of the year when we reflect on things that matter most to us. And I wanted to share my notes with you.

Concert and Annual Class Presentation

With the new year, we are making changes to the schedule and format of Kshetram’s presentations. We will now have two types of shows: Concert and Annual Class Presentation.


The Concert will be held once every 18/20 months and will consist of live musicians, and kids presenting new dance pieces based on a theme (similar to the recently concluded Fall Recital). 

The Annual Class Presentation will be held in May every year where the children will present pieces based on their curriculum learning over the previous 10 months.


Regular Classes vs Show Rehearsals

Going forward, for the next concert, the rehearsal hours will be scheduled separately and outside of our regular class sessions. This would mean coming for regular weekday dance lessons and separately for rehearsals over the weekend. 


Opportunities for Public Performance 

At Kshetram, we will encourage the children to present their dance skills at every opportunity they would be interested in.  That said, we can plan to enroll kids in temple performances or other public stages throughout the year. Please let me know if you have any leads too.


 Operational Changes

  • We will be sending out monthly updates of what the kids have learned.

  • Updating the class schedule on Google Calendar

  • Every quarter we will have a written/oral & performance assessment. I will put these dates in the calendar.

  • There is no grading or external examiner visiting for the assessment.  It is simply for the kids to review everything in a timely manner. (This includes covering syllabus from all years)


Holidays in 2024 and Fees:

  • The entire months of June & July. The reopening date in Aug will be communicated in April.

  • Spring break per school calendar.

  • Thanksgiving per school calendar. 

  • Christmas per school calendar. 

There will be no fee for the summer holidays. For all other months, the monthly class fee will be due.


 Holiday Watch Party 🎉

We will have a Holiday Watch Party on Saturday, Dec 2nd at my house in Livermore. There will be pizza & cupcakes for the kids. We will watch the concert video together. I will pass it on to you all as soon as I watch it with the kids first :)

Please let me know if the kids are able to come between 11 am & 1 pm. I will send a reminder on WhatsApp.

This year has been very rewarding. I have learned a lot by teaching the children. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for placing your trust in me. I value each of your suggestions in making this class a wholesome experience for kids.  


Wishing you all Happy Holidays!



Warm regards,

Shruti Abhishek

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